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Default Responding to your topics by method of each paragraph. . . .

It's nice to know you're being considerate about the subscription situation; I was unaware that they would be cancelled. I thought there might be some way to move the thread and have the user(s) retain their subscription(s). However, my comment was about an irrelevant post that was made in a thread where the thread was posted in the correct forum. . . . Just out of curiosity, is there a way to move that post into the correct forum as a new thread?

I understand how and why users are not able to delete their personal account(s). The main reason this thread is still open is because the original responder ("AaronWalkhouse") made that sarcastic remark (at least it seems like sarcasm) about the amount of space these forums have and I was to upset to want to respond. Now that I have a discussion with someone who is willing to help (ahem: I'm referring to you, Lord hehehe), I'm becoming more familiar with how these forums operate. Specifically, the bit about threads being removed with the account. However, referencing this thread, it seems as though the account for user "smallville_is_hot" has been deleted while the thread, of which was originated by said user, remains in the forums. Am I misinterpreting what I see in the thread? If I'm not, this tells me that my "wakedaddy335" account can be deleted while leaving this current thread available for future reference. Am I correct with this assumption?

Thank you for that link for the forum leaders and such; I was unsure where to find information about moderators and the like. Now I know.

I have posted a couple suggestion posts on that titles forum (you've actually responded to one) and I realize now that my title upgrade intervals are a bit bogus. lol Should I edit that post with an update in interval suggestions, post new suggestions in a new post, or wait for further responses?

And finally, thank you for the avatar suggestion. I knew about that option but I am unsure of what I would like to use.
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