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Default Limewire 5 annoyances (Mac OS X 10.5)

Hey, I like the new Limewire 5 and I'm really waiting for it to be a bit more reliable. I'm finding with mine that the downloads are freezing after a while and staying at a constant kb/s download speed, but not actually downloading anything, even if it's been doing for 10 minutes. I also find when I quit Limewire sometimes that Limewire doesn't fully close, and it still shows as open in my dock (I'm using 10.5 Leopard) and shows up when I press command-tab. I also find that it freezes sometimes when I go and click on a drop down menu, near the start-up of Limewire. I would really like all this to be fixed, until I can fully use it again. Also would love lots of search results, I do a lot of searching, but I find I can find better results off other P2P clients, but they're not as reliable and as user friendly as I find Limewire to be. Please fix all this!!!
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