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Default Forum Member Titles

Default Member Titles are given to members according to their post tallies. We are presently experimenting with new ones. At present the titles are as follows:

Novicius - 0 posts ____ (Latin for Novice)
Apprentice - 5 posts
Disciple - 10 posts
Devotee - 20 posts
Enthusiast - 30 posts
Gnutella Admirer - 50 posts
Gnutella Jewel - 75 posts ____ (a very pleasing or valued person or thing; the most valuable or successful part of something)
Gnutella Veteran - 100 posts
Gnutella Muse - 150 posts _____ (be absorbed in thought)
Gnutella Connoisseur - 250 posts ___ (an expert judge in matters of taste : a connoisseur of Gnutella.)
Distinguished Member - 500 posts
Gnutella Aficionado - 750 posts ____ (a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime)
Gnutella Great Master - 1,000 posts

If you wish to join discussions for suggestions about member titles you are most welcome in this thread:

You can of course create your own custom title via your User Control Panel (User CP) & Edit Profile.

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