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6 new games added to the arcade.

Fratboy Girlfriend Tower Defense -> Strategy, Tower-Defense
Onslaught 2.2 -> Strategy, Tower-Defense
Railway Line -> Tiles and Matching
Yahtzee -> Cards, Mahjong, Chess, Casino

Vladimir Key -> Bonus Games section
Toxic -> Bonus Games section

* Bookstories has been moved from the 'Bonus Games' category to the Memory or Matching or Word Games category.

Access to 'Bonus Games' section is for Image Caption Contest winner (& runners-up 'if' enough people enter the contest.)

* This version of Fratboy should work ok. The other version would not work at all.
* Railway Line could have gone into a few different categories. Once you play it, you will see why I decided to add it to the Tile & Matching category.

Bookstories is a game about knowing information about books, titles, authors, etc.

Onslaught is a multiple weapon defense game.

Fratboy is a tower defense game to stop the guys coming for your girlfriend, see game for details.

Yahtzee is based on the famous dice game.

Vladimir Key is a game of finding a key to get out of room, roughly similar to Pacman in many ways.

Toxic is a 20-level game of trying to avoid the toxic water/acid & robotic attackers, trying to get from one room to the next. Armed with explosives to blow way through walls.

Railway Line is a game about finding the correct shaped rail track to continue building the rail line up to the end before the train arrives.

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