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Default Safe And Legal Music Files

I remember the trouble Napster got into and the other folks who got nailed sharing copyrighted mp3's so I only share soundboard recordings.

These are free and legal files available to anyone who knows where to look. I have about 1,400 files [approx 90 complete albums] that were never released, never copyrighted, etc. from ABBA to Whitesnake. Today I am only sharing Pink Floyd files [takes too dang long for all 1400 files to load so I just do a few at a time]. They are in a .flac file form 90% of the time but I convert to 320 bitrate mp3s.

Problem with some of them is the mp3 ID tags sometimes are 'track 1' 'track 2' and so on but I'm sure theres a way to browse them to see what album/artist they're from, but most do have the artist name in the tag somewhere so hopefully they do pop up on peoples searches.
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