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Default Security of GnucDNA based clients !

Hi I will talk about GnucDNA based clients and the security...I run Morpheus and i use also PeerGuardian 2 with good block lists....But i will tell you all users of GnucDNA based clients to pay atention to this littel advise and warning!Mostly this kind of clients have somthing called GnucBlock,wish acting like a sort of security filter and,make the client not to connect to bugus nodes and so on...BUT the GnucBlock list/files are not updated for years,and pretty much outdated too.I would recomend you all to use PeerGuardian 2 and good block lists,i spotted to much anti p2p,spamming,hijaking activity on Gnutella network when i use GnucDNA based clients-like: Morpheus,Gnucleus,Trux,Foxy,NeoNapster and so on....This is all about your safty and privacy,and it will not do you bullet proof,but gives you verry good protection and privacy too!You should only download PeerGuardian 2 from this location: Phoenix Labs PeerGuardian 2 The reason to that is simpel,you get it with bundled stuff if you download it on another pages/links...The link i give to you now is the official one for PeerGuardian 2!You can download the Block lists from this location her: I-BlockList And the lists on this page is daily updated and free too!Remember to set the PeerGuardian 2 to every day updating the lists for you...The basic protection with good Block lists is:spamming,antip2p,dshiel,hijacking,bogon....As a hint the best antip2p block list is:Level1 P2P and ipFilterX-the rest is quit easy to find!I use 6 filters to block unwantede guests on my internet connection and on Gnutella Net!Enny question feel free to ask!
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