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Default Help full user information on Morpheus!!!

To use the above link's, follow these instructions: Select the Morpheus you wanna install, and click on the link! A new window open up, and click on a blue button named "Download Now"...Click on it and wait 10 seconds, and you will see the download link! And you click download,and now you can select where on your hard drive you gona save the Morpheus installer to!Then it will download the installer to your hard drive! After that you know what to do with the file... ;-))

EDIT: Sorry Lord of the Rings for destroying your good show how to download from,but i have choose another host location now...The was to unstable,and more offline then online for the Morpheus/Gnucleus installers! Neede more reliable hosting service so people can actually download the files from her on....


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