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Originally Posted by AaronWalkhouse View Post
The time rollback is only needed for the first few seconds as BearShare starts up.
That's all the BearStart utility does, sets the date back for a few seconds while
starting BearShare. The installer doesn't care what the date or time is.

The only people who need to manually set the time are the poor victims of Vista.
Presumably, future victims of Windows 7 will have to do that too.

i have Vista and i've done most of what you recommended (setting the date, Admin & XP compatiabilty). So i am no longer gettine the expired error message. Bearshare is giving a new error mgs.:

.\GLibraryWatchDb.cpp (#176) Fatal Error: Unable to load library database.
Reason: Generic Failure
BearShare will automatically attempt to create a new database when it is restarted. Your old database files have been saved for possible diagnosis. Contact technical support for more information.

any ideas?
We apologize for the inconvenience.
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