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Hi Guys,

I was using Bearshare for years. I had never connection problems or something like that.

Now one day ago I wanted to use Bearshare. I was waiting and waiting but there was still no connection. Ther first led was always flashing red. Iīm using BS 5.0.2 pro btw.

I looked for the firewall status and I looked for the settings in my router. But everything was fine. My Computer is also ok (no Virus or something)

So I looked here in the gnutella forums and found that from aaronwalkhouse. I managed to connect bearshare with that package but later on I had the same problems with the connection.

So my question is: Is bearshare now really dead? I mean this is really sad beacuse BS is the best p2p ever Is there some way to solve this problem?

Because I donīt want to change to limewire/frostwire
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