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Originally Posted by unclegeorge View Post
treat me like a child and walk me through the process.i downloaded a couple of files that didn't download correctly.i would like to remove those files?please tell me step by step what to do?thanks
Are these the same files that you asked about in this thread 2 weeks ago (click on the blue link)? housekeeping
You didn't respond to that thread, so I assumed things had been sorted out.

Do the files that are greyed out in My Library have (downloading) beside the file name?
If the the downloads are still pending, they should show at the bottom of LW's page. See the image below (click on image to enlarge it).
delete files-download.jpg

Right click on the file name at the bottom of LW's page > cancel download. Cancelling a download in LW 5 removes the file from your computer. And if that doesn't help, see my reply to your other thread (blue link above) for other ideas.
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