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Originally Posted by AaronWalkhouse View Post
What you are talking about happened four years ago, and BearShare has never stopped working.
Sorry - my bad!

I too have had connection problems. I'm using version 5.1.0b25 with BearStart. In past, it has always connected fairly quickly. However, before I did my searches and found this post, I was getting a "cannot connect to Gnutella servers" message. Part of my search turned up the "old news" on which you corrected me. I obviously didn't look at the date on the articles that I was reading. Then I removed BearShare and installed another client which I don't really like. Based on your feedback (thank-you, by the way), I reinstalled BearShare and I'm initially still getting the "cannot connect to Gnutella servers" message but if I close the window and wait long enough, it does connect and work.

Has something changed to cause this problem?

BTW, I read on another post that "" is down and the hosts are not updating. I've also read other AaronWalkhouse posts and downloaded and installed new hosts files and am still having the same issue.

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