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Originally Posted by Jillxz View Post
... iTunes isd only 99 cents. Not bad for great quaility. i will probably just stay with iTunes. Never found a better one yet.
Great quality? Pfft! Great quality is FLAC which is identical to CD quality, not in a commercial format that throws away information to help reduce it in size to 1/6 or 1/7 of original uncompressed size.

A VM member of these forums gave me a variation of the authentic Shareaza she adapted slightly. It connected easily, found files easily, downloaded easily.

Not all pc's are the same, even if you own several pc's, one p2p program can behave totally differently on one of them compared to the others even when the pc's are identical hardware & software. That's a fact of life. So choose what suits your system best. If you're happy with a spyware full program that reports all your shared files, other details about your system reported back to Discordia, then that's your happy choice. (I'm sure if the code was investigated many references to reporting back to Discordia would be found. I've seen this before.)

Glad it works for you. But as both a moderator & admin here when someone who uses a SCAM version of a program posts here, appearing innocent initially then gives the 'go' pro thoughts about the scam version, then yes I was suspicious, thus my comments. As far as a moderator's suspicion can go, you may well work for Discordia, perhaps even a marketer for them. It appears you did not come to these forums for help, but to boost Discordia's reputation, pretending Discordia's (spyware) version is superior.

We do not support scam versions of any program here at Gnutella forums. That's always been the policy here. Whilst we might give advice to help solve problems, we'd also suggest getting the real thing.

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