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Originally Posted by Jillxz View Post
I came here for help. yes I truly did. I had downloaded the false Shareaza and did not know it until I came here and saw that was the false one.. But I had success with it but I uninstalled it and installed the real one. After I had the real one , I had problems with it. Not giving me very many results when searched and not downloading the songs. The false one did. had no trouble with it and it downloaded fast. Anyway , I do appreciate your help although by the time you responded , i had already gone through three P2P softwares and had trouble with all of them except for the false Shareaza. No trouble with that one except giving all these ringtones to maybe 4 downloads for songs.

You are probably correct when you say I don't know how to use these very well. Could be true. I just have found none I like better than iTunes.

This will be my last post unless someone can give me a good reliable P2P program with a nice media player . Since as of now I don't have P2P software , so at the moment no problems . I will not post again. thanks for all your help.
Hey...^^ The fake Shareaza (an iMesh clone) is not even real P2P software, but some commercial crap.

As the real one connects very well (on my computers at least). I suppose you've never set up your PC right. Ever tried a connection test? lol, I recon it will show you where your problem is.

Also, the fake one is very limited to what it has got to download, while the real one does not. And why do you compare iTunes to a P2P software? What has iTunes got to do with a P2P software?

Maybe you should read the article on filesharing or P2P on Wikipedia...

As for a decent media player... try VLC, that's one of the best free and open source ones out there.

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