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Originally Posted by GeekStyle59 View Post
1) I know there are a lot of programs out there. The question was, which would you suggest? In my first lookings around this site, it almost seemed to be a LW forum. Is that what you use? Does it require a static ipaddress, too? I just want a reliable tool that is not subscriptioned based. Good file orgainzation is a plus.

2) I found the default settings pl;us option 1 and option 2 for setting up static address "on devices in your network". That's not going to work, is it? If not, I really want another tool that will work for my situation.
(1) I've used LW for many years, next longest would be Phex which is also very good & has some advantages over LW. I have tried the other gnutella programs but because I use Mac OSX, the other gnutella programs do not have Mac versions. That limits me to only using the other gnutella programs on a part time basis.

Sounds like you have already decided on LW as an alternative. If that's your decision, I suspect LW 4.16 might suit your file organisation desires better than LW 5 at present. LW 5 is still arguably in beta stage with changes, slowly bringing back tools with each release, & next they will be re-organising the library window. Though there are some things I do like about the separation of file types in LW 5.

(2) Most gnutella programs that have continued development until now have UPnP support, some better support than others. However, all will still require you to give exceptions to them in your Windows firewall.
Originally Posted by GeekStyle59 View Post
I went. I studied. I continued thinking thoughts I had already started and I can now -- pardon me Lord -- make LW work as effectively and speedily as the first service I tried. Where should I post my hints?
If you need assistance, feel free to begin a new thread topic in one of the LW sections of the forums.

Here's a starting point to learn about LW:

For LW 5.1.3, get it here: or even better would be the LW 5.2.2 beta: LimeWire 5.2.2 (Beta) - Lime Wire

Alternatively for LW 4.16: Downgrading to LimeWire 4 from 5 & resuming incomplete downloads
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