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Default 0.7 Bug report

I had little time tonight, but decided to DL the 0.7 version and I'ts running for 45 min now (win2K JRE 1.4)

Net screen:
no connection problems, the send queued problem seems to be fixed, the only high send queue I saw was with a Bearshare 2.5.0 (GR) client and a Firefly 1.00 client who acted funny (never heard of it before anyway)
There seem to be more Dropped recieved packets than usual.
I like the vendor display !

Seems to be normal.

Monitor search:
seems to be normal

Swarming downloads:
This screen stay's empty, I mean no download or attempt to download, or even the finished downloads showed up.
I downloaded 2 very common songs by double clicking but they only showed up in the download folder.
1 file finished and the other not, normally I can open the unfinished Mp3 files, but not this last one, so perhaps this proofs the swarming works ?
Tried downloading by clicking multisource download, and this does the trick !
Everything was displayed now Never saw a mp3 finish so quik !
Only noticed a click in it when listened to it.

Share :
Seems to be normal, but I noticed more uploads than usual

i'm looking forward to 0.7.1 !
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