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you say "also when it does connect it comes up in the top corner non firewalled" which indicates you are getting connected every now and then...

FYI your AV is NOT a DO need a real firewall for EVERYTHING you do online, end of discussion IMO...not having one is like walking around naked...and being naked on Gnutella these days is stupid and opens one up to damaging consequences caused by the paid henchmen of the RIAA/MPAA

the BearStart utility is a time/date stamp hack for the expired beta changes the date to a time when the beta version used to work so that it can work in present time....this can cause some issues with certain programs that depend upon a certain time date stamp to operate, but is not a big issue...

I will again strongly suggest that all filesharers use PeerGuardian2...

So Long and Thanks for All the Files

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