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Angry LW Too Many Problems

I was going along perfectly fine , though slowly, with the version of LimeWire I had when I responded to the prompt & downloaded a new version, 2.3.3(?). Now the problems are numerous and I can no longer download ANYTHING.
LimeWire no longer connects at start-up, even though option is checked, and won't connect when prompted.
LimeWire doesn't recognize my former shared folder and so I can't access my files from the LW interface. I have to find them and launch them on my own.
And where is the player that was promised? The truth is I like my iTunes, but I feel like I've been had.
What the heck is up?!
I could use some direct support rather than a forum, but the website only offers a place to submit bugs, and an interactive tour of the OLD interface.
That message icon should have smoke coming out of its ears.
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