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Some tips to get better results:

1. Morpheus can be forced into ultrapeer mode , connecting up to 32 other UPs (LW,Frost,Bear etc - it connects to all ) - if your internet is fast enough and will help others to connect.
In Preferences-Networks , theres a force gnutella ultrapeer/G2 hub options.
This should get you more results.

2. Also ensure the network status (lower left corner next to the status icons) says 'Connected' and NOT 'Firewalled'.If firewalled you get very poor search results , and problems downloading files.

3. Use fixed listening port , by default Morpheus assign random port every time it starts.In Preferences-Connection , you'll see 'Set incomin gnutella port..'.Click on its checkbox (make it ticked) and key in port number to use in the textbox on its right.I found port 6346 or 6348(same as Shareaza/Bearshare uses) gives me better results but you can use others.

4. Use a ip blocklist to block spam/hostile anti-p2p peers. - online file sharing and storage - download
This is taken from Bluetack blocklist (bogon+badpeers+gnutella lists) .
I've used Blocklist Manager to convert into Morpheus/GnucDna format.
To use this blocklist :
- Exit Morpheus , program must be closed before updating the file.
- Extract from the zip file to temp folder or desktop.
- Right click on My Computer and select explore . Go to this folder , C:\Documents and Settings\*user\Application Data\Morpheus
C:\Documents and Settings\*user\Application Data\Morpheus Ultra
*user is your Windows user profile e.g Administrator if you logon/run windows as Administrator
-Copy from temp folder or desktop
That's it , done .
To check that you've done correctly - Start Morpheus , go to Preferences-Block , you'll see list of hundreds of thousands of ip address.
Once you've done all these , you'll get very few spam/fake results and lot more real files.

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