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Thanx Morpheus5x! Cool blocklist you made,only you need to update it 2-3 times in a week,if you will have the same good continued effect as now!!!Thats way i use Peer Guardian 2 with 7 lists,and i think you must include the filter list for Fakers as well...Thats those client/hubs/ultrapeers that sending fake or fals information so you will not download enny files,or you get a totall different files then you put to download......But don't get me wrong i will test it out enny way,and i hope you can keep it updated as well!!!!Thats cool!!!! Well royobanen the are no bugs with Morpheus 5.3.0 basic installer as you think!I am 100% sure you installed the Morpheus Ultra first then uninstalled it then installede Morpheus basic!Now did you remove the registry key for Morpheus in Windows???? I don't think so,ihave once the same issue for Morpheus Ultra it diden't wanna share even the folders where added,but it was my previouse Morpheus regkey that played this joke on me back then...Go to C:\WINDOWS\regedit and open by dobble click on it,now click on edit and serach for...type in Morpheus Ultra or Morpheus then let it search for the key,then you delete the keys it findes,but you need to find all of the key-it will let you now when all the key is gone!!!!Yo need to manually delete the Morpheus/Morpheus Ultra key from your registry to avoid things like this happen to you!!!I hope this will help you solve the probleme for you,i will point out that the Morpheus Ultra is fare moore better then the basic one...For better performance just follow Morpheus5x's advice above,then you will have a better working Morpheus as well!For the Morpheus Ultra is not possible to pre enable the G2 network as it was for the basic one...I have working on the installer whole day with out enny sucsess so fare-sorry!I will assume most of the old as new Morph users are not that dumb a$$e$ out there so the will find the way to the Preferneces tab and thats easy if you like to click on things....Don't worry they will figure it out!!!Happy Morphing enny ways!
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