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Default A few feature requests

1. Any chance of adopting a system to add files to Bitzi directly from Phex itself? AFAIK no new development has been done on Bitzi Bitcollider Utility for 3-4+ years which is a major shame. jBitcollider could be a possibility since it's java based. AFAIK Phex would be the first program to adopt such a feature if it did, but would be a cool feature to add for users as a tool within their library.

2. A Keyword filter to save into a document within preferences. At present Phex's search filter is fantastic, however would be good to be able to auto-filter out certain terms to assist in weeding out spam.

3. Including multi protocols for browsing different gnutella client types. I suspect some use a slightly different protocol. Correct me if I am wrong there. And ability to by-pass Shareaza/Bearshare's no browse option. lol

BTW .. not sure if it's because I had Phex on my system but refused to open on my OSX 10.5.7 ... opens fine.
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