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While downloading i noticed that some file will say receiving from 1 host but the speed remained 0 b/s. i wonder if it was realy receiving/ downloading anything since the % doesn't change at all. also why is it that it queued most of the time.

Hi From what i see from what you say her, is you probably hit Foxy client... Foxy is from Taiwan, from a company named Foxy, Inc!These Foxy don't let you download from them, but they can download from you...You can also be a victim for bad peer's/faker's and spammer's as well... To come around this you can use PeerGuardian 2 with good blocklist's.....Take a look here: The links provide both PeerGuardian 2 and the block list from's easy to install and use,and it protect your internet connection from Antip2p gones....Unless that host has really Firewall problem... To avoid downloading from Foxy do as followed: after you have done a search go from top to buttom...Click on a file you wanna download and click on it and use right mouse button and you will get a small menu up, and click on "File Availability" from there you will see the host's for that file... If its only say Foxy, forget it, if its say Foxy, Shareaza or LimeWire it's a chanse you get it down...Some of the search result will look like this : 1"34%56&&/()==&/&%*,mp3 - if it do it's because it comes from Foxy to... Morpheus does not support Unicode or Unix, so it is not handel chinise verry well...
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