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Default skins not working Limewire v.

Limewire v.
System PC
OS: XP Home
stock firewall programs
DSL connection,
was using AVG as anti virus but it often caused Firefox to bog down and become unresponsive, so I uninstalled AVG for now
over 80gb of hard disk space available

I installed a fresh version of Limewire after buying a new computer. I have vision issues (color vision issues) so I have the system set on High Contrast Black since that is easiest for me to see. Upon start up of Limewire I noticed that I couldn't view the page/window properly because the set color scheme for Limewire was not complimentary to the system preferences, so I tried to change the skin for Limewire. When I tried this I got error messages telling me that the skins could not be found. I then downloaded fresh skins from the Limewire site. I went throught the process of installation just as explained on the skins page, but that is where I ran into a problem. There was no "themes folder" to place the newly downloaded skins into. I created a new folder and named it themes, after which I placed the skins files into the new themes folder, but that didn't correct the problem. I am still unable to access skins and without the ability to change the programs color schemes I am unable to utilize Limewire.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any ideas?
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