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Yes the folder I created did/does have themes all in lower case.

Yes both skins I placed in that folder do have have the .lwtp file extension tag.

Changing the font size really doesn't help a whole lot when the vision issues have more to do with a lack of sufficient contrast between the text color and the background color. Why people cannot seem to program things using a basic black/white color theme as the basic is beyond me.

The High Contrast Black option for the windows system uses a black background and white text. The default skin for Limewire has a white background for the "found" files, so unfortunately this creates a situation where one has a white background and white text. This should be able to be corrected by utilizing a skin that has a black background. Then the text would show up, not to mention that the limewire window would have similar visuals as the desktop. I.E Black/dark background and white/light text, which is easier for my eyes to distinguish.

Often the problem when it comes to web/program design usability when creating a program that is usable for those of us with vision issues often deals with contrasts. For example making sure that the fonts are adjustable and that the text and background colors have significant contrast.

First off I am severe red/green collor defficient which can complicate things.
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