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Default Interoperability tests with PHEX


I have found two versions of JTELLA (Jtella-07 very old 2001, and Jtella-08 more recent 2003).
A Jtella-07 peer doesn't work with a peer Phex because Phex only accept ultrapeers, so I get 503 error codes.
The Jtella-08 seems to be able to connect with Phex because a jtella08 peer can act as an ultrapeer, so I don't have the 503 error anymore. However, I still have some issues when querying files. I will look at both source codes to see if this is an inteoperability issue.

I did also some tests with Limewire but that doesn't work at all (even when I try to connect a Limewire peer with a Phex peer).

After fixing these protocol issues, I will try to extend it with streaming features using peercast.

Have you any ideas about the interoperability issues ?
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