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I also have the splittet problem & I'm not 15. That's closer to the number of years I've been on the internet. I have Kaspersky & limewire is allowed in the exceptions. I have Vista, Java 1.6, & I've been trying to update to LW5 all day & night. It seems no matter what I do it keeps stopping at the "splittet" error. Here's what comes up when I click details after getting the error:

Extract: torrent.dll... 100%
Output Folder: C:\Program Files\LimeWire\root
Output Folder: C:\Program Files\LimeWire\root\magnet10
Extract: badge.img... 100%
Extract: canHandle.img... 100%
Extract: limewire.gif
Extract: options.js... 100%
Extract: silentdetect.js... 100%
Output Folder: C:\Program Files\LimeWire

Does anyone have any ideas? I've already deleted preferences.
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