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Originally Posted by Vampmon
What kind of ads do you see? because i dont see many ads, except a small bar on the top of the website with links to other .tk sites.

Hopefully there are no popups, or annoying banner ads ( i don't think there are) but if there is i will remove this straight away because i dont want this types of ads.
No popups no, just as you suggested. A couple quick snapshots & squashed together to save image dimensions, see attachment. You might be using an advert blocker/filter lol (I use a widescreen so snapshots tend to be quite large.)
Originally Posted by File_Girl71 View Post
This is the part i could do nothing about, i guess it's because the server is gone...The stupid things is that StreamCast had a lot of pre settings which is not possible to remove.It's coded into the apps mostly and not have enny thing to do with the way it's be installed...I which could do somthing about it, but not...I guess we can learn to live with it!
You've done a fantastic job File_Girl with all the installers. Some you could fix with some of the links, some not. It did/does seem to be the way for some p2p devs to hard code such links within the program internally. Nothing much can be done about them.
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