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Originally Posted by Vampmon
You are right about that. I will add some logos or something, actually i added 2, nothing major, just let me know what you think.
Yes i saw it....But today it was not there the logos on the site, enny problem?....Well this site need some work on so we have to give it some time...It doesn't need enny flashing neo sign or somthing...Only few logos would be good...Example on the top of the page have logos from version 5 of Morpheus in proper size...And we could have som logos around the page as well, where the download is or somthing like that...Somthing simple and look nice will do the job...If you need som more logos i belive i have some i can send to today...I would say we need logos from version 4 and 5 since the they are present on!Ithink also a large logos on the top of the page right under the advertisment cross over the entire page and with text would look nice, and it would for sure confirme for the people who come to will for sure now this is Morpheus P2P we dealing with here! Well just some thoughts......Lord of the Rings will add logo to the forum site as well, he say that was easy to do... Should we link to Cnet and Or what do you think of it?It would be easyer to reach out to the users who wanna use Morpheus/Morpheus Ultra as P2P software....Again just a thought from me and Lord of the Rings!
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