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Default Old Songs won't license for me, Vista, BearShare

Here's my problem, and sorry if it's been addressed before but I couldn't find this direct problem anywhere.

I have had BearShare(a paying member version) for a few years now on an old laptop(Laptop A). Well, Laptop A was recently on it's last legs so I bought a new one(Laptop B) that is running Windows Vista. I downloaded the newest version of BearShare once I got Laptop B (I was running an older version on A) and went to play songs in Windows Media Player.

Quite a few of the songs(about 20%) are popping up saying,"License Required: A license is required to play this media, however a license for thius product was not found, has expired, or has been corrupted" keeps popping up.

I tried going through the TroubleShooting tips BearSHare offered but none of them address the Vista platform as they are all suggesting to download Windows XP Service Pack 2.

How in the world do I get BearSHare to reaquire these licenses????
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