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Movie download issues (click on blue link) (2nd last post has information on best video formats.)

Best mkv files you will find via torrents. mkv files can be literally any format however, since mkv is simply the outer shell of the file ... the actual file-type & quality of it could be anything, same way as avi & mov can be any video format underneath.

I/we normally recommend using VLC - (click on link) for playback since it has the more recent developments of the (H.264) X.264 format included, which other H.264 formats have not caught up to yet, including DivX's version (which was only in recent months released anyway. But DivX do things 'their' way (& in a patent method) not the way of the rest of the market. They suddenly realised they'd been left far far behind in the market before they eventually turned to using H.264 just recently. Were years behind.)

You are probably more likely to get high definition videos with mkv files. I share a number myself; music concerts. But I either share them as mkv or mp4/m4v (H/X.264 format). So .. search .mkv, .mp4, .m4v .. but be wary you might get some audio files in your search results if you search mp4 unless you do a specific video type search.
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