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Originally Posted by moshiko View Post
Can anyone point out what are the main differences between protocol in G2 network and protocol in Foxy network?
Does this network has ultrapeers or all peers are equal?

Foxy network is located inside of the G2 crawler, and they use Gnutella network for bootsrapping....Since they use GnucDNA which have bothe Gnutella and G2 network support, they use both Ultrapeer and Hub when they runs on theire network...But the user of Foxy does not now if they are Ultrapeer or Hub that way, as we know when we use other Gnutella/G2 clients...The main difference is they use a total different network algorithm, which is the cause they can download from us but we can't download from them...I have seen a one Foxy client that let us connet to and download from, and the Foxy version Foxy is a beta/test version, and is more or less banned from the Foxy network and run now more on Gnutella and G2 networks like other Gnutella/G2 clients...I have tested out that Foxy and it's give good search result and is slight slower in download speed then other Foxy, but it does it's job...If people like use Foxy they should try that version, it's not try to force a upgrade on you or display enny ads either....I have plane for making a english installer for this Foxy version, but the main software Foxy will still be in chinise...This is the only Foxy that is not cause enny demage to the networks so fare!
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