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Originally Posted by OldDeath View Post
Foxy uses normal G2 for its network. The only difference is it asks for an authentification on connect - which can't be replied to correctly if you don't have the authentification challenge code - which is secret, of course.

The problems Foxy clients cause is that some of them still manage to connect to gnutella and/or G2 and like this inject the IPs of Foxy UPs/Hubs into those networks, causing other clients to malfunction on initial connection, as they cycle over and over threw connection attempts that won't work, as they cannot reply correctly to the auth-challenge of the Foxy UPs/Hubs. Note that these Foxy-Hub IPs can also be injected by malfunctioning GWCs or other bootstrapping scripts/hosts that mix the Foxy network with either gnutella and/or G2.
Thanks for the reply. So what you actually say is that Foxy client is able to connect to G2 ultrapeer and perform seraches even if it does not reply with challenge/response?
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