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Question Continue downloading after reinstallation of Bearflix


I kept every files in my temporary directory. Every TMP-movie-.bak, every TMP-movie-.dat, every TMP-movie-.avi on another drive.

I formatted my C: and reinstalled a new version of Bearflix (1.2.2). I "asked" bearflix to take my temporary directory and Bearflix did NOT like it. I just can't just add that directory as a temp directory. When Bearflix sees files it does NOT "know", it just stops!

What can I do? I have files that are 50%, 60% and even 90% done, for GIGABYTES of files...

Help me

PS: I run Windows XP SP3 on a P4 2.4 with 1G Ram

PPS: Please... young teens, ... don't troll!

PPPS: If you don't know the answer, why do you loose your time writing on forums??
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