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Sigh, BearShare handled pushes much better and automatically found new sources if the proxies changed. It also labeled pushes so one knew this was happening, and showed if it could accept incoming connections so pushes would work at all. I would use it except now it either takes hours to connect to any ultrapeers, or does not connect at all, despite any of the tweaks and list downloads I have tried.

Now, shutting down Phex does not restart any downloads for me, in fact, this permanently stops all ongoing downloads. One would think that some pushes would work again with the same proxy if interrupted for a minute or less. Just stopping the download makes it never start again, as well. If a file does not download all in one go, it is a goner, the way I am experiencing things. I don't see any indication that Phex even tries to start any download from the "Waiting" state, ever. All I can do is start the download over from the beginning after deleting it. When I see the same host for the file after searching for it again I begin to wonder why it can't just try the same host again without searching. I have only sucessfully downloaded one small .jpg as a test with Phex. This does not bode well.
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