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Unhappy Limewire WIPED out my itunes taking ALL of my songs!

I downloaded some songs last week & my computer (I'm now a horrible Mac user) just crashed while I was downloading. When I turned it back on itunes was salvaging some songs 4,670 to be exact were recovered.

Once that completed ALL of my playlists on my itunes was gone replaced by 3 empty Limewire playlists. Trying NOT to panic I opened my limewire & lo & behold the Limewire which is NOT my default player had over 9,000 of my songs in it's library... what happened?!?!?

I miss my playlists... OH & for some reason all the online media players like youtube & MySpace no longer play sound & I've updated adobe SEVERAL times... did I download a virus by accident? Shite... I thought Macs didn't get viruses

SOOOOOOOOOOO here's where I need you, I'm thinking of deleting all the 4,670 songs on my itunes to avoid duplicates, how do I add all the songs back? Gosh, I hope I made sense I really need to clean all of this up. Thanks again
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