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Originally Posted by File_Girl71 View Post
Her is Gnucleus with updated Web and Gnucache included! This is the last version known today with GnucDNA! I have the source code to this version off Gnucleus and the GnucDNA, if i find Visual Studio who will read the code correct,and can build it to, we can develope Gnucleus moore from her on...Its hope let say!
Her is the Download link: - online file sharing and storage - download Gnucleus_2.2.0.0_Setup.rar
EDIT: The Gnucleus installer is updated and i have give it a hugh face lift too, should be better for the Vista users too!Hope you like it, and Enjoy !!!

Hello File_Girl.
The link you gave contains only the executable. Can you send the latest source code as well - please?
I donwloaded from CVS, running it gives:
Gnucleus version
GnucDNA version
Which seems to be not the latest.
As well what does netgnutella library means? Seems like modified GnucDNA, which library should I use: GnucCom/GnucDNA/netgnutella ?

Thanks alot!!
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