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Default Fair Usage Policy

mrbilliv & arne_bab

I don't know who this ISP called Cox is or what country they operate in but it seems to me that they have invoked their Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

Some years ago something similar happened to me, when I was a BT (British Telecom) dial-up customer, I believed I had unlimited download facilities until I was warned then cut off.

It seemed that mrbilliv's friend was downloading a lot stuff, this flagged up a warning in Cox's computers which then logged the IP address concerned. From there all Cox had to do was consult their records to see who that IP address was allocated to.

However, since most ordinary people do not have the money to take on their ISPs then the next best thing is for mrbilliv's friend (and anybody else in the same predicament) to take his custom elsewhere.

Since my run in with BT I have done everything possible NOT to ever become a BT customer again.

UK Bob
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