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To obtain the BearShare 5.1 Beta, clear instructions & fresh connection cache (which you will need) and upgraded settings, see (click on blue link to the left). This version (upgraded by File_Girl) is more updated than the one in the first post above. This version should connect immediately. And should not have any problems with the clock such as the BearStart version can cause.

Any version of BearShare after 5.2 is fake and does not even run on the Gnutella network, but a semi-commercial network with low quality DRM infested files instead.

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A fuller explanation for Bearshare, a sabotaged ShareAza & other programs explained here The Story: Shareaza, iMesh, RIAA, and Recent Events. No wonder I do not feel inspired to buy Sony products any more with the Sony director a part of the RIAA & of iMesh. I think I read a different article which gave the direct link of Sony to such issues. The Sony director being a part of the iMesh story & of RIAA also, maybe one of the off-shoot links.
Originally Posted by Wikipedia as of Nov. 2011
On May 4, 2006, Free Peers agreed to pay $30 million in a settlement with the RIAA and transfer all their BearShare-related assets to MusicLab, LLC. (an iMesh subsidiary).

On August 17, 2006, MusicLab released BearShare v6, a new application unrelated to the original, which does not use the Gnutella protocol at all, but instead operates on the same network as the iMesh client. In August 2006, MusicLab released another version optimized for video download called BearFlix. The first release was version 1.2.1. On October 27, 2008, Bearshare v7 with iPod support was released.

Three variations of the original BearShare gnutella servent were distributed by Free Peers: Free, Lite and Pro. The Free version had higher performance limits than the Lite version but contained some adware. The Lite version was adware-free but had lower performance limits than the Free version. The Pro version had higher limits than both the Free and Lite versions but cost US$24. Version numbers in this series ranged from 1.0 to

A variant of the original BearShare gnutella servent, called BearFlix, is altered to limit sharing, searches and downloads to images and videos which are limited in length and duration. Though its version numbers appear to start from in the user interface it presents itself on the gnutella network as versions and up. It is offered in Basic and Pro (US$19) versions with similar variations in performance limits as the corresponding BearShare versions, Lite and Pro. There is no Free (adware-supported) version in the BearFlix series.

MusicLab's BearShare v6 and later offer paid music downloads in the DRMed WMA format as well as free content in various formats, mostly MP3. It also includes social networking features, somewhat similar to MySpace. The free content is shared by users and is automatically verified by BearShare not to infringe. This verification is done using acoustic fingerprinting. Also, video files more than 50mb in size and 15 minutes in length cannot be shared, guaranteeing feature-length releases cannot be transferred across the network. No other content than music and video files can be shared, which excludes executable files and zip archives amongst others.
A typical example about Vinnie, the developer: He sold out to the $RIAA money & coded in special controller code within BearShare 5.2.

For some reason the description of the BS forums reminds me of the Handbrake forum. I saw identical activity there. It's a sorry tale to read through all the edited and arrogant reply posts there. I wouldn't be game to post there. lol


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