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Default Forum Avatars, Signature Avatars...INVALID FILE! arrrgh!

Why can I not ever seem to get a freakin' image file to stick for my avatar, or my sig picture, or my forum post avatar???

Im following the directions for size and kb's.

Im using easythumbnail to shrink these images to the proper size, and when I try to upload them, I get that "invalid file" error page.

Ive uploaded the correct size image to photobucket and have entered all 4 of the embed url's, and I cant get any of them to stick....again, invalid file.

I know that, at least once, I got it to work because I just now removed a signature avatar to replace it with a newer one, but ..... invalid file.

These are jpg images, all made to the correct thumbnail size per instructions on the forum pages. ie 100 x 500 or ? kb's, whichever is smaller...


Its driving me nuts, and although thats not a very long drive, its still a pisser.

Is there a secret? Do I have to donate money or something? Do I have to have the Pro version of Limewire?


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