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Originally Posted by michwayne View Post
thats a fake virus warning probly from visiting a bad site i know if had it happen to me s&d cought it as a fake virus warning.
Hey michwayne....morning.

It is a fake warning, but it certainly is no fake if you activate it.
The warning implies that you have viruses, which you do not, until you click on this thing.

Its no fake, because Im telling you, my daughters 'puter caught this thing and within two days, it was a lump of plastic and glass.

Over the 15 years or so Ive had my more recent computers, its popped up on me about 6 times. And only in the last couple of years, so its fairly new.

Look, I only posted this to give you good people a heads up. To let you know what to do if this virus warning thing pops up on your computer.

And yes, it did pop up this morning while I was searching for a forum thread to post on...not this one.

Anyway, y'all can take it from here. Just try and remember what to do if you get a system security warning box that looks like a windows warning display.

Here's a page from, with some screenshots of this thing. The screenshot that is missing though is the one that first comes up.
Anyway, take a look, and be informed.


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