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well, let me try and clarify then...
i had my computer on, i had the gnutella forum page in my browser, i was looking to post about another matter entirely, and while i was searching for the correct forum to start my thread in, the security systems virus initiator box popped up.

now, lets be clear. i have other things on my computer that run, other than my referring to my addons and my gadgets and in particular, my google toolbar that runs and records where ive been and does whatever else it does.

i am in NO WAY, NO HOW trying to infer that these gnutella pages are infected with the virus, or whatever you want to call it, that weve been talking about.
and if you feel that you need some kind of an out, you can blame it on my google toolbar or my google chrome or my weatherbug widget or my vista sidebar.

all i am saying is that this thing popped up while i was getting ready to post a thread while my windows browser was opened on gnutella forums.

you see, being on gnutella forums is not the issue here, and i can understand your trying to deter and and all inferrence that this thing were speaking of originated here.
i dont belive it did. as i said, its popped up in other places.

the issue was, and remains what to do if you encounter it.

thats all, no more.

blame it on my google if you want. heck, i will blame it on my google too.

im sorry if i caused you any consternation, or sullied your forums name in any manner, and i mean that with all my heart.

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