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Default CSR of Farmers Insurance! Stands in your Favor!

Didn't that make you feel better to get all that out though? Peerless, You had a shitty agent, an adjuster that was tired of his job and no one to help you with a solution or understanding and I am sorry you had to experience that. Your agent could have easily prevented all of that!

It sounds to me that the agent may have been new, his staff obviously lacked in Customer Service ability, skills or customer knowledge. Though they are few and far between these days A good Insurance agent, (no matter the company), will know you close enough to make sure you know all the fine details and how to protect yourself and your property as well as educate you in the Insurance policy basics regulated by the State Of Texas NOT the Insurance Companies.

Please know even with your current Auto/Home insuance carrier, should you have questions you would like to investigate. You have a friend right here that will help you that has 16 years of Agency Management and Customer Service under her belt and a wealth of knowledge in the Personal Lines Auto/Home industry. I am currently retired, as of 5 yrs ago, from a Farmers Insurance agent in Austin. During those 16 years I worked for 3 seperate agents and one district office and consistantly maintained an agency Customer Retention of 90% and above. And I would be curious to know who your agent (you can email me that if you want to....ha!)

I loved my job and miss being able to help others understand something that is otherwise to them a pile of missleading and useless crap that they had to have. So, I am here to help if you or anyone else needs it Just because! And I wont get mad if you yell or cuss, It's always been a part of the job

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