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Originally posted by blast1
If you don't serve at T3 speeds, then please do not report your speed as T3. It asks for your speed not type of connection. Thanks.
I see what you mean, but with all due respect, don't get your expectations high when it comes to an "accurate" let alone "honest" speed registration. Sure, it'll be easier for downloaders to select a faster connection if all of us have an agreed understanding of the "type/speed of connection."

But as you've mentioned, things aren't as stable as we want them to be. My server (in Europe) provides me with T3 connection, but some hours of the day, transfer wouldn't go beyond 10k, and then all of a sudden I witness an amazing 248k. The "actual speed" depends on too many factors for us to give an accurate "speed report". So if you are like me, you'll end up registering the "potential" speed (which more or less means the "type" rather than "speed" of the connection). So, when you see T3, it means the connections has a "potential" of getting up to T3 speed.

And of course, many of those on a T3 connection won't be registering as T3 anyway. They register as "Modem" for some obvious reason (yeah, to avoid access overload). In fact, you'll have a better chance getting a high-speed transfer with someone registering as "Modem", I dare say.

I know this can be pain in your back, but hey, no pain no gain. And if you insist you need to get the record straight, you always have the option of "chatting" with the other side accusing him/her of false/inaccurate connection report (I can't guarantee you a pleasant dialog though).
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