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I'm pretty sure it's understood that limewire is asking for connection type rather than average speed. "Modem" is not a speed, nor is "DSL/Cable."

I am on DSL. Last night I FTP-connected with an "OC-82" (I think that's the name) owned by an ISP. On this connection, which should have maxed out my speed, I uploaded at 15kb/s and downloaded at 40kb/s.

In the past, using limewire, I have uploaded at 30kb/s and downloaded at around 150kb/s.

1. Even this identified, huge-speed server wasn't maxing out my download. So, I assume that some of the reported T3 connections are really T3's.

2. Upload and download speeds vary greatly. So what connection type would I use if I was reporting actual speed?

Despite these inaccuracies, I agree with you! Nearly everyone seems to lie about their connection type and this is annoying. If I choose a green, T3 host, I expect to download at more than 1.5kb/s.

Modem users think that with more connections they will locate more files, so they put in "T3" to try to fool the system. However, Limewire limits the number of connections so that your connection works optimally. Lots of connections may give more choices, but will slow your download speed.

T3 users sometimes masquerade as modem users to disuade uploads. However, since you can set the amount of uploads and designate your upload percentage, this makes no sense.

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