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Something like this would be useful to me, too.

How to do basic tasks in Phex.

We can get javadocs via calling

mvn javadoc:javadoc
in the subversion repo:

But that's a pretty lowlevel description, so it would be nice to have a higher level description (also for the jython commandline UI I want to do):

* How can we start a search cleanly - and get the results?
* How can I add a connection by IP:PORT?
* How can I tell Phex to connect/disconnect the network?
* How can I start a download by magnet or search result?

Related: Our wiki has a page with some additional info on what a GUI needs from an API:

PS: Sorry that I didn't answer earlier. I couldn't answer the question, so I decided to avoid muddlign things up. On hidnsight I don't think that that decision was overly clever, but I can't change it now...

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