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Exclamation Anti-Virus and Malware KILLER

This is not spam, guys.

Considering the apparent world-wide governmental support for the criminals in China who are creating and dispersing the great majority of the latest batches of highly sophisticated trojans and viruses, we need something that really does eliminate about 95% of this garbage.

So where else but from Russia are you going to find a tool to screw our new Chinese masters?

The BIG one is Dr. Web LiveCD

Dr.Web CureIt! — download free anti-virus! Cure viruses, Best free anti-virus scanner!

(The above link 'should' take you to the English language section - If not, the page will be in Russian and you only need to click on the upper right box to select another language.)

Dr. Web LiveCD is a Linux app that scans and cleans every file on your hard disc. The download is an .iso file that fits on a CD. Typical scan times are about 2 hours. Do NOT be afraid of the 'Linux' bit there - An 8 year old kid can run this app - If you don't have any 8 year olds in your house, go find one in the neighborhood!

And, Dr.Web Virusscan [Dr.WebŪ - Online Check]

If the above tools (possibly also including
ESET Online Antivirus Scanner
do not solve your problems, then you do, without any arguing or moaning, a FULL FORMAT (which most of you should probably have done at least 6 months ago!)

Dr. Web is very good - all of it.

Chtob vse byli zdorovy

and screw the Chinese.
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