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Wow, I have never seen a thread as dead as this one brought back to life before. Did I really post here 8 YEARS ago?! Sheesh...

Cnshht, it's been a long time since I fired up Gnucleus, so maybe I'm out of the loop, but why do you assume its "Certain corporate interests are funding a deliberate spoiling of P2P by intercepting search queries, generating matching trash files, and quickly sharing them" with Ukbobboy chiming in about "large companies, major western government organisations all trying to stop their computer users from using P2P apps and facilities by whatever means."

It sounds like you think this is some kind of conspiracy to destroy P2P. But an equally good explanation is that it's just the usual crop of small-time, quasi-crooked spammers up to their usual tricks trying to make a buck. In fact, it seems a lot more likely to me.
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