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Perhaps both sorts of spoilers are "out there." But my experience is that the "trash files" are tiny in size, and when I have attempted out of curiosity to download them, they don't move. When I said "quickly sharing them," I was maybe a bit unclear. I meant their scripts/programs/bots broadcast the files as "shared" search results. Not that they are actually "sharing", i.e. that P2P users are actually downloading the sham files in all their multiples. The hosts do not at all seem to be trying to get P2P users to download a spam/advert in any form. I have yet to see any spam-like adverts, messages or commercial content at all behind the mechanism I've observed, where search queries are used to generate fake results. So how does anyone "make a buck" doing it? They're just jamming the protocol so it can't be used. It seems specifically designed as a denial-of-service activity. Therefore it seems most likely to me that the sponsors of this activity are those who feel they are losing profits because of file sharing. i.e. large recording/media companies and their industry associations.
Cloudwatcher, have you downloaded a search result that mimics your query turns out to be a file trying to sell you ******? Or to sell you anything? Or direct you to a website that does try to? I haven't. There's nothing there. It's just electronic jamming of search activity. High volume. Many many hosts. Has the appearance of an organized, targeted effort.
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