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to say I'm a birther is probably wrong, but I do find it an interesting concept with the potential for being totally true and have no problems throwing it at Obama as an insult...

as far as the root of the problem being Bush's administration, quite possibly in some ways, but the fact remains that Obama is President and this happened on his watch and it was/is his responsibility to protect American soil from you think BP, a company based in the UK, gives any real flip about damage to foreign soil?...its not their land, and I doubt they would really give a flip about damage to any ecosystem except for it digging into their profit margin...

So Long and Thanks for All the Files

Beware of the big 3 insurance companies in Texas! Read your policies carefully (maybe you'll need a lawyer) Allstate, Farmers & State Farm are overextended and their 'coverage' is worthless...a true waste of your money Read This

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