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Default Downloads - all stay @ 'waiting......'

i'm on lw 5.5.8. my incomplete tracks in the d/load list say 'waiting' or simply list a competion %-tage, followed by 'waiting'.

cannot highlight and attempt a 'resume search' or 'try again' because none of the incompletes get to the 'stalled' stage from where i can attempt efforts to 'try again'.

also, new downloads do not load to completion or at least partially before stalling out = status simply goes to 'waiting', as if that download was in line behind a # of others.

haven't changed any settings, but a coupla weeks ago, i was asked a bunch of questions upon lw bootup. am wondering if i might have (accidentally) clicked on something that prohibits my downloads to do just exactly that...........??? Thanx! Dave
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