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Thanx, n2. (i'm on lw 5.5.8.)

a bunch of time has passed since my original post. during that time, i was able to figure out solution.

but while i have you: i've been on lm for quite awhile. this 5.5.8 version is quite abit dif fm previous ones. i do have a coupla dif inquireies about 5.5.8.

1) after a search, i'm able to browse shared files (for those who share. i'm sad to see, more do not share than has historically been the case). how come i've yet been able to browse files fm peers 'uploading' fm me? ne'er found a one that did.

2) i've been unsuccessful in signing on the 'live jounal' option, which i assume is a lw chat room....????? at first, i thought i got in o.k., but soon after found that to be false. after countless tries thereafter, i'm wondering if i did get in but might have screwed up my 'user name' and 'password' by forgetting it. i get the 'invalid' sign in msg.

further clicking on 'choose another account', i thought i could re-establish a new log in. i don't see an option to do that. is there any other way i can get into that chat thing?

i'd appreciate any help that you can provide. thanx. dave
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